Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Top 5 Brunch Cafes in Brisbane

24 Jan. 2018

One word that makes us utterly, completely and wholeheartedly happy is BRUNCH. Everything from ordering 2 coffees in one sitting, chatting with the rest of The Brunch Club (yes, that’s our squad name) and snapping up those Insta-worthy dishes, is what makes brunch the most enjoyable meal of the day. To inject a bit of […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Beat your NYD Hangover

21 Dec. 2017

No one wants to start the New Year seedy and hungover, so we’ve found and tested a few hangover cures that work for us and will hopefully work for you too! PREPARE YOUR BODY!  Before you leave to go to your big New Year’s Eve bash, preparation is the key. Just like we prime our […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
10 Do’s and Don’ts for New Years Eve

14 Dec. 2017

We’ve come up with some simple do’s and don’ts for New Years Eve so you can have a sparkling night and enjoy all the festivities (minus any embarrassing moments… we hope). Time to enjoy all the food and drinks before we start planning for all those New Years resolutions once again.   Don’t plan on wearing […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
12 Things Christmas Workers Don’t Want you to Know

29 Nov. 2017

It’s all smiles and pleasantries when you walk through the shop door, but behind closed doors, there are just some things retail and hospitality workers would never say to your face. HOWEVER, we’d like to divulge those secrets today and if you’re the one working this Christmas, we feel you. Here are 12 things we […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
6 Office Party Venues Based on Your Boss’ Personality

20 Nov. 2017

It’s finally time to start thinking about your end of year team party! What a year it has been. But how do you know where to go? Well, it all depends on what type of boss you have… We’ve done the hard yards for you and picked the perfect venue for your team to run-up […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Six Tips For An Epic Office Christmas Party

20 Nov. 2017

So you’re in charge of the office Christmas party this year? No pressure – just your boss and everyone you work with judging you. At Hidden City Secrets, we are the king of planning parties and picking the perfect venue, so follow our guide on how to host a headache free Christmas party. Tip 1 […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Where to spend Melbourne Cup

3 Nov. 2017

November has quickly approached us once again. It’s time to dress to impress, place your responsible bets and grab a pint of beer for each hand because the Melbourne Cup season has arrived. Struggling to decide where to venture and spend this race day? We’ve got you covered with food, drinks and a place to […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Father’s Day: Where To Go For Lunch

31 Aug. 2017

HCS is providing a social courtesy and letting you know that Father’s Day is literally right around the corner. No, don’t freak out. We can help you with the planning of a special lunch with the family but you’re on your own when it comes to buying the presents…sorry! Dad deserves something special. After all, […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Top 5 Bars in Brisbane

30 Aug. 2017

It may not be the start of summer just yet, but here in Brisbane, we don’t have really have much of a winter season, right? Sunny days and clear blue skies are ahead and have never really left. So it’s still all about tanning (or trying to even up your tan), having a great time […]

Festival 21 – Our Future Through Food
Where To Dine In Brisbane

4 Aug. 2017

Looking for a relaxing dining destination but can’t seem to get away from the hustle from your busy lifestyle? Wanting to save up for a car that you’ve been eagerly wanting? Don’t want to spend your entire paycheck in one dining experience? Want to get out of ordering the same meals from the same place every […]